"The Omega Point, strikes" soundtrack

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"The Omega Point--strikes"

An animated short film directed by Monika Lyko. Story by Linda M. Kallestein and Monika Lyko. Music by Andreu Jacob. Voice and Lyric by Monika Lyko. Project supported by Cultiva Express and Sørnorsk filmsenter.

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The Omega Point, Strikes

The Omega Point, Strikes (Original Soundtrack)

©2019 Monika Lyko

Released on: 2019-05-25

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Original score composed by Andreu Jacob. Text/voice Monika Lyko

Omega Point

Omega Point is a term coined by the French Jesuit Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

(1881–1955) to describe a maximum level of complexity and consciousness

towards which he believed the universe was evolving.

A Singel

Original score composed by Andreu Jacob.



"There is only One in all"

"There is only One in all...
One who harness the empty space in to stillness,
One who fells at first...
One who fells at first what isn't...
never is gone...never forgotten...never alone.

Once you have lived this kind,
...there is You in You---
and the universe---and the peace---and
LOVE---and You for many of You"

Andreu Jacob
Choral I

Conductor-Natacha Uhova,

Дима черничкин, Mihail Demchenko, Olga Sosnov, Ekaterina Koshelev, Svetlana Bazina, Grigory Sarkisyan, Pavel Savin, Natacha Uhova

Choral II

Conductor-Andreu Jacob,

Karin Kolstad, Heidi Gaustad, Elisabeth Knudsen Bye, Elisabeth Barhellestøl, Aleksandra Migala, Liwa Migala, Elżbieta Kowalska

Monika Lyko
Script, Animation, Director
Suported by
Cultiva Express, Sørnorsk filmsenter